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Here are smashing packages that include all the best aspects to market your business in the best manner. We are doing nothing but simple site optimization and helping you increase your business awareness. We have complete packages for your business, and POWER BOOSTER in actual senses will increase your traffic and users. This is your chance to beat your competitors and get into the top lists.

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Total URL’s Accepted 3 2 2
Homepage URL 1 1 1
Innerpage URL 2 1 1
Keywords 10 5 5
Homepage Keywords 4 2 2
Innerpage Keywords 2 1 1
Generic Anchor 3 1 1
Naked URL 1 1 1
Website Analysis Yes Yes Yes
On-Page SEO Analysis Yes No No
SEO Suggestion and Proposals Yes No No
Tier 1 Targetting to money sites
Blog Post
TF/CF20+ DA/PA20+ (A Class IP’s)
250 to 300 words
30 15 7
Web 2.0 PR2+
400 to 500 Words
25 10 5
Article Directory
400 to 500 Words
10 5 3
Press Release
250 to 300 Words
5 3 1
Forum Posting 20 10 5
Video Upload to
Different High PR Video Sites
Video (30 sec) Video (30 sec) Video (20 sec)
Infographic Upload to
Different High PR Webites
30 websites 10 websites No
High TF10+ Blog Comments 200 100 50
Niche Related Blog Comments 50 20 10
Document Sharing 20 5 2
Manual Social Bookmarking 50 20 10
Profile Backlinks 50 20 10
Yahoo Answer 5 No No
Contextual Backlinks 100 No No
Social Media targetting to Money Site
FaceBook Fan Page
Complete Profile Phone Verified
Profile & Timeline Image Design
Twitter Profile
Complete Profile Phone Verified
Profile & Background Image Design
Google+ Profile
Complete Profile Phone Verified
Profile & Cover Image Design
Linkedin Profile
Complete Profile
Profile Image Design
Youtube Channel
Complete Profile
Profile & Channel Art Design
Pinterest Profile
Complete Profile
Profile Image Design
Twitter Followers 500 500 No
Google+1 20 5 No
Youtube Views 5000 2000 No
Youtube Likes 100 30 No
Stumble Upon Yes Yes No
Delicious Yes Yes No
Pinterest 100 30 No
Interlink Social Media
Tier 2 targeting Tier 1
Niche Related Blog Comments 500 200 100
Edu Backlinks 400 200 100
Wikis Backlinks 3000 1000 500
Blog Comments 20000 10000 5000
Ping Yes Yes Yes
Trackback Yes Yes Yes
Linklicious Yes Yes Yes
Price $799Buy Now $399Buy Now $149Buy Now



Are all our posts written uniquely?
Yes all the posts will be unique

Do we offer our services in foreign languages?
No, the posts will be written in English, the keywords might be accepted in foreign languages but the article body will be in English

Do we entertain new websites?
Oh yes we do! Pre existing websites or new ones, we do it all. Not only this, we can build one for you and plan its SEO strategy

Does your service guarantee page 1 ranking?
Google and other search engines do not have a hard and fast rule while ranking websites and their algorithms keep changing so we do not guarantee immediate ranking. We use optimization tools to provide higher ranks to your website but according to Google policies some sites are not ranked immediately. However, your website will rank for sure

Is reporting included in the package?
Oh yes. A detailed report with links for you to locate and read posts and activities is carried on your behalf & no reports for tier2

What is the TAT of your service?
Usually it takes no more than 25 to 30 days for the completion of your order. It can also be completed before time

Do we offer revision/link replacements?
Yes we do, if you are having problems in your orders, we immediately solve your problems

Do we have a refund policy?
If we fail to provide your order in the given TAT only then we refund

We do not accept adult/porn websites