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Are you looking forward to be a part of Private network of blogs? They retain a prominent position when it comes to fool proof SEO techniques. Blog posts have the potential to drive lots of natural traffic towards your site and therefore guarantees higher ranks.

The blog posts that this service offers are unique manually written posts that are then posted to our privately maintained Network of blog posts. What you get out of it? Higher Ranks and Interactive audience. This service will sure enhance the readership, lots of traffic and Good deal of exposure. Captivate relevant target audience with blog posts and back linking tool that direct readers to your money site

  • We will provide you with Blog Domains up to PR7
  • All the Blog Posts will be completely Optimized with Keywords and Internal Links
  • Posts stay permanent on homepage
  • We will use All Different CMS
  • All Domains will have a Portfolio of Strong Backlinks
  • Unique IPs will be used for all blog domains
  • The Content of The Blog Post will be of 250 – 300 words
  • Security enabled from Who-is
  • PA-DA of The Domains will be 30+
  • We will use Images Related to the Blog Posts
  • All blogs will be posted on Dedicated C-Class IPs


Rankers Blog Posts Service

  • 65 High PR Blog Posts
  • 15 Pr1, 20 Pr2, 15 Pr3, 8 Pr4, 4 Pr5, 2 Pr6, 1 Pr7

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We will not provide you any report or screeshots of the blog posts service