SEO and Mini-Sites


We would surely agree to the fact that SEO is not an easy task! A continuous process needs constant attention. The outgoing and incoming links increase the traffic and ranking of your site.

Wonders of Mini-sites:

These mini-sites make it easy for the visitor to gain awareness about the product or service that is being sold. Mini-sites are websites that have the primary task to guide the visitors about the specific product and services that are included in your main website. The Mini-sites tell the visitors in the first view about the product that they attempt to buy.

The mini-sites are mainly made to mostly increase or more appropriately improve the marketing strategy of your product or service.

Mini-Sites help in SEO:

Most of the SEO market experts take help of these mini sites, because they are an instant way to gain more and more incoming Users. If the links that are connected through different sites have rich and informative content, fine keyword phrases and optimization, your site should be very close to the thumbs up target. These mini sites explain your niche in the best way.

Mini-sites and its advantages:

You can also use these mini-sites as a private network of blog posts.
  • The first is the ease of the visitors, making it easy for them to decide whether they want to buy the product or service.
  • They increase the traffic coming towards your site.
  • The competence and productivity of your domain is increased.
  • It Helps to keep the visitors coming repeatedly, keeps them busy with your products and services.

All Packages Includes:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • WordPress Installation
  • Unique Themes for Each Site
  • Awesome Logo Design
  • Attractive Graphical Header Design
  • Unique Content of 1500 Words
  • We Make Home, Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Pages
  • Add your Own Post-Launch Content
  • SEO Plugins
  • Complete Access of the Admin Panel

Turn Around Time

This will take a week or 10 working days time.

Our Pricing

We are giving reasonable prices to all of our customers.

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