Juaninga Khaling

Juaninga Khaling

Optimization Buzz – Get the refreshing kick of social and trusted backlinks

If you are a website owner, or you show off your site as the presentation for your products, then you would for sure know the business, and you are well aware of the tricks and techniques. The life of your business revolves around the traffic of your website. The game is all about the traffic of your website, you will be amazed by the wonders that optimization does to your website. So do not wait out there and keep losing your visitors, subscribe to our services to enjoy the traffic of visitors.

Are you facing problems in your regular website optimization? This is a sign that implies you are in need of SEO services. You need to have expert optimization tools that can bring you visitors and improve the ranking of your website. It is important that you realize you have to bring back your site in to the top lists and we are going to help you with this. You can review our services and the offers that we provide. This is the ultimate optimization that you can go through and improve the sight of your website. Our optimization service will improve your website ranking and make it easy for you to bring the desired traffic that you are waiting for.

Trusted backlinks

Getting the backlinks from a trusted and reliable site will be our first target. These links coming from the trusted sites will target back towards your main website. For this purpose we are going to take the help of social bookmarking and blog commenting. The main purpose behind backing up blog commenting and social bookmarking is to bring your website to the normal public, so they can be aware of the services and products that you are going to provide them. If you wish more and more visitors towards your site, you must make them comment or post on your website and keep bookmarking your website so, they can be coming back to your site repeatedly. Our Trusted back-linking phase includes:

  • High Quality Blog Comments

Social Media Buzz

We must be well aware of the fact that the search engines notice much more Social media activities. If your sites possess more social media activities, it may be more and more popular among the people and this means people really like what you is doing which may be counted as a plus point for your website.. The main purpose behind this optimization to touch the heights is just to create more and more fame and popularity of your service and website, and this totally makes perfect sense. The buzz that social media provides to your site has always been under the eyes of the search engines because this is the basic thing that they are looking for. The social media buzz consists of:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter tweets
  • Delicious
  • Stumble upon
  • Pinterest

Authority Sites

The authority sites are websites that are considered on a high level because of their diversity. These sites are having a good reputation in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Bing. They are in an extreme demand just because of the importance given to them by the search engines. This step includes the creation of good quality content on the Expert Authority Sites. The content posted on these authority sites consists of backlinks that are directing towards your website and increase the serps of your website. These Authority Sites are considered extremely effective, as they are very different from the low quality pages working with the poor content. Our authority sites phase includes the steps:

  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Document Sharing
  • Slide sharing
  • Video Distribution
  • Article Distribution

General Backlinks

It is the exact time when you must start the marketing and promotion of all these websites. Now when we have the authority sites, the promotion will put a good effect of your website. Whereas, these websites already have a good PR plus the extra back-links that link towards them, in addition we will be adding them up the authority to different pages. Different pages will be creating links that will be linking towards your website. The general back-linking phase would be consisting of:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Manual profile back linking
  • Wiki Links
  • Trackbacks
  • Ping




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Trusted Backlinks Point To Your Main Site

High Quality Blog Comments

Social Media Point To Your Main Site

Stumble Upon
Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Likes
Twitter Tweets

Authority Sites Point To Your Main Site

Web 2.0 sites (500 words high quality content)
Document Sharing (300 words high quality content)
Slide Sharing
Video Distribution (40 sec videos uploaded on youtube)
Article Distribution (500 words high quality content)

General Backlinks Do Not Point To Your Main Site-They Point To Authority Sites

Profile Backlinks(Manually)
Social Bookmarking
Wiki Links
Track Back

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